Youth EmploymentOur Career & Education Training Service is a year-round program that provides services such as leadership development, adult mentoring, comprehensive guidance and counseling, tutoring and study skills training, alternative secondary school offerings, limited internships, paid and unpaid work experiences, job shadowing, occupational skills training, and on-the-job training. Services are currently funded under Title I of the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act thru the Centralina Workforce Development Board.

Several training components for Career & Education Training participants:

  1. Continuation of Work Readiness 101 – Workshops conducted to help build work readiness skills. Sessions will include assessment based activities designed to instruct and prepare youth on the essentials entry-level work readiness skill set required to successfully get and keep a job.
  2. Continuation of Life Skill Series – Sessions conducted to enhance the participants knowledge based on skills that people need to do on a regular basis, such as paying bills, keeping a check book, cooking, frugal shopping, cleaning, maintaining an apartment, finding and keeping a job, driving, voting and taking care of infants and children. The best way to learn is by doing, so in these sessions we provide a format to teach some of the life skills to Young Adults, so that these skills will be with them throughout adulthood.
  3. Continuation of CRC certification – Career & Education Training Participants are studying in the Career & Education Training Computer Lab to earn the North Carolina CRC (Career Readiness Certificate). This certificate is a portable certificate that promotes skills and career development for individuals and confirms to employers that they possess basic workplace skills in: WORKKEYS: Applied Mathematic; Reading For Information; and Locating Information.
  4. Continuation of Alternative Secondary School – Offers classroom instruction leading to the receipt of certification that an individual has completed a level of education attainment equivalent to completion of high school or GED.
  5. Continuation of Basic Soft Skills – Assists youth with competencies for workplace success. Basic Soft Skills with be a cluster of communication skills, networking skills, enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, problems solving and critical thinking, and professionalism: all necessary competencies to become successful workers.


Program Eligibility Requirements

Title I Career & Education Training Youth Eligibility (Low Income):[Statutory reference: WIOA Section 101(3) and WIOA Final Regulations, 664.200]

  • Age 14 through 21, and Low-income, and is within one or more of the following categories:
    1. Deficient in basic literacy skills
    2. School dropout
    3. Homeless, runaway, or foster child
    4. Pregnant or parenting
    5. Offender, or
    6. is an individual (including a youth with a disability) who requires additional assistance to complete an educational program or to secure and hold employment. Definition of youth who needs additional assistance provided below.

To apply to the Career & Education Training program, click the “apply for services” button below, and complete the application for services. You will then save this document to your computer, and attach it to an email to SRCAA.